Plans for seven homes on land ‘sandwiched’ between houses and car park in Keynsham  

Plans to build seven homes behind a terrace of Grade II listed houses on Bath Hill in Keynsham have been submitted to Bath & North East Somerset Council.

The rectangular piece of land earmarked for development is “sandwiched” between the rear of the 19th century cottages known as ‘Tenhouses’ and Bath Hill East car park, say developers Asquare Properties Ltd.

Three four-bed houses, three one-bed flats and one two-bed flat over a garage are proposed on what is described as a brownfield site, which is overgrown and unused and contains partly broken walls of a dilapidated outbuilding.

The site, which is in the Keynsham Conservation Area, is accessed from next to 56 Bath Hill. The scheme proposes that three trees in the south-east corner of the site would be retained.

The view of the site from the car park

The developers say the site benefits from easy access to Keynsham town centre with its shops, public amenity, employment opportunities and public transport link.

“The site further benefits from the access to leisure and recreation facilities along the river corridor. The site is ideally located to minimise the need for vehicular based movements and promote sustainable means of transport.

“Furthermore, the proposed development will provide overlooking and sense of security to the Bath Hill East car park, which will benefit the car park users and local residents.”

They say the design of the proposed development has been developed with consideration to the character and settings of the site and will enhance the area and deliver much-needed housing.

The application reference is 21/05120/FUL and the deadline for comments is 3rd February.

How the homes would look

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