Good Ofsted rating for Mangotsfield School for the first time

Mangotsfield School at Rodway Hill has been rated as good by Ofsted for the first time in its history.

The school became an academy in 2015 after two consecutive inspections found it needed improvement.

In March 2018 it was also rated as requiring improvement but following a visit by an inspection team last month, the 1,079-pupil school is now said to be good in all categories.

The report says: “Mangotsfield School is rapidly improving. New leaders have raised expectations. Pupils are working harder. Leaders have introduced useful ways to establish an orderly atmosphere and improve the curriculum. Staff, pupils and parents and carers recognise that expectations have increased. Many say that the school is a much better place to learn. They value being part of this community-focused, ambitious school.”

The Ofsted team recognised the impact of the pandemic on the education system but praised how quickly school leaders were able to reintroduce the wide range of extra-curricular activities and school trips on offer.

Mangotsfield School is part of Castle School Education Trust (CSET), which includes several other South Gloucestershire schools including Downend School and Lyde Green Primary School.

Mangotsfield School headteacher Hetty Blackmore said: “It is the first time the school has been awarded a ‘good’ in the 60 years there has been a school on this site.

“Everyone has worked so hard for this outcome. I am thrilled that the Mangotsfield School community now has the recognition it deserves. Working with our brilliant students and staff every day is a joy and I am very proud to be part of this school.”

She added: “We all have one aim – to ensure that our students are given the best chances and leave here with the best choices for their futures. I am so pleased the inspectors realised this and the strong community we are.”

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