GBH investigation after pensioner’s hip is broken in incident in Keynsham involving stolen motorbike

Police are asking for help in identifying the rider and passenger of a motorbike involved in an incident in Keynsham in which an elderly woman  broke her hip.

It happened at about 2.30pm last Saturday (26th March).

While neighbourhood officers were carrying out patrols in response to reports of anti-social motorbike use in the Cedar Drive area, they spotted one of the vehicles.

They saw the rider turn it into Holly Walk and mount the pavement in order to leave the no through road via a footpath.

A woman in her late 70s was on the pavement and was pushed to the ground. The officers immediately went to her assistance, called an ambulance and later visited her in hospital.

The pair on the motorbike made off along the footpath into The Brambles and Abbots Wood.

The incident is being treated as an assault causing grievous bodily harm as the woman said she was pushed by the pillion passenger.

The motorbike, a red Honda VFR, had been stolen in Berkeley Square, Bristol, at about 1.45pm the same day. It was found abandoned in Common Road, Hanham, yesterday and has been seized by police.

Officers have carried out house-to-house inquiries in the area around Cedar Drive, Holly Walk and The Brambles. Witnesses said that two teenagers were seen riding a red motorcycle around the area in an anti-social way. The boys were taking turns to be rider or pillion.

One was said to be wearing a balaclava and black clothing, while the other wore a grey tracksuit and black helmet.

This image was captured shortly before the incident in Holly Walk and shows one person on the motorbike.

If you have any information about who was riding the motorbike, saw it being abandoned in Common Road, or have any dash cam, CCTV or smart doorbell footage which could help the police investigation call 101 and give the reference 5222075368.

The same applies if you have any information or footage in relation to the theft of the motorbike from Berkeley Square, but give the reference 5222071835.

Alternatively ring the independent charity Crimestoppers 100 per cent anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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