Keynsham’s kindness being celebrated in upcoming festival

Following on from Keynsham’s recent music and eco festivals, the community is now preparing to celebrate all that’s kind about the town.

Keynsham Kindness Festival will run over five days, from Tuesday 28th September to Saturday 2nd October and will acknowledge acts of kindness big and small in Keynsham through a series of events.

The festival is being funded by Keynsham Action Network and the organiser is Stefan Edwards, who many will remember used to run Temple Street Canteen.

He said: “This festival brings together some of the many groups within the community who share their skills and thoughtfulness with others.

“From the generous exchange of seeds, workshops sharing communication or painting skills, to opportunities to walk and observe the beautiful place we live in, the festival has many opportunities to celebrate acts of kindness.

“We’ve got some very special musicians playing in St John’s Church, and music around a campfire in the beautiful Sanctuary Garden on Dapps Hill, as well as spoken word and storytelling, or the opportunity to play the ukulele.

“We have events for children to play with toys, to try maths club, and for families to learn more about the FOOD Club.”

To discover more visit or the Facebook page – @KeynshamKindnessFestival

Most of the 16 scheduled events are free, some require tickets, a small number have a fee and all are available to reserve and book.

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