Festival week in Keynsham

Circus fun in the park

A week of free music and arts events is taking place in Keynsham.

The mini version of the town’s annual music festival replaces the main one that was cancelled earlier this summer because of uncertainty over COVID. Last year’s event was also cancelled because of the pandemic.

For the first time, Temple Court has been hosting events. Performance poet Attila the Stockbroker was there for the festival opening night on Thursday along with singer-songwriter Jess Silk and musician Mark De-Lisser, and on Wednesday night Opera in a Box will be performing there.

In Memorial Park at the weekend there were performances from comic circus show Pokya Entertainment together with workshops including juggling, and the festival finale will take place in the bandstand area this Friday from 7.30pm with entertainment from Da Fuchaman & the Fire Blaze Band.

Among the other artists taking part in the festival have been Louisa Maria, who performed at The Old Bank on Friday, and there was an open mic night at The Wine Bar yesterday.

Attila the Stockbroker

St Opia are at Grounded tonight and tomorrow evening Bashema, Steve Mercy, and Tenshed will be performing in the garden at Mexican café Dalia Cocina. On Thursday evening it will be the turn of Stevie Nicole Brown, Gavin Osborn & The Comments Section and Gecko to perform there.

Audience numbers for all events are strictly controlled with tickets on a first come, first served basis. Visit https://www.keynshammusicfestival.co.uk/ to find out more.

Thanks to John Aldridge for the photos

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