Crackdown on lorries flouting one-way system in Hanham

Some delivery lorries leaving the car park behind the Co-op in Hanham High Street are flouting the law and putting others at risk by driving the wrong way down a one-way road.

The concerns were highlighted by the police at the recent Hanham and Longwell Green Community Engagement Forum meeting.

PC Lee Humphreys said the issue, which affects Lower Hanham Road, had been flagged up to him by a member of the public: “Some very good evidence has been presented with regards to some of the Co-op lorries specifically. There is a one-way street that goes past the Co-op car park entrance and lorries are coming out after delivering to the shop and turning left, going the wrong way down a one-way street, and it is dangerous.

“As a beat team what we’ve tried to do is to get there as part of our patrols, but they never do it when we are there. What I’ve done very recently is I’ve contacted Co-op and basically said to them I will have to start issuing fines, which will potentially affect someone’s whole livelihood. It might actually be that they go to court for this and if they lose their licence, that could be quite impactful for their family.”

PC Humphreys said the resident had suggested the idea of extending or raising part of the pavement with a bollard so that vehicles physically would not be able to turn left when leaving the car park.

Cllr June Bamford told the meeting: “I think we’d all prefer not to have that as you will probably get someone banging into it without meaning to go left and it’s all additional road furniture when it shouldn’t be necessary.”

She said the one-way markings are very clear for drivers coming out of the Co-op car park: “There is no way they could miss those markings and I think they have cars coming out and doing exactly the same and it is dangerous.”

Cllr Bamford added that the drivers committing the offence were likely in a hurry: “Maybe they come early in the morning, they’re tired and they think there’s not much traffic around and they go left.”

Pc Humphreys agreed: “There is a lot of signage and if people do turn left that is them blatantly turning left, not missing it.” He said he had told Co-op that if road furniture is not changed to deter vehicles going left then it will be a case of enforcement.

Cllr Brenda Langley said she’d written to the Co-op’s head office about four months ago and it had taken them two months to respond, but nothing was done and drivers still turned left. She said issuing fines is the best thing that could happen.

The Week In has asked the Co-op to respond to the concerns raised.

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