Corner shop planned next to the King Billy in Warmley

Plans to demolish part of the King William IV pub in Warmley and build a corner shop have been submitted to South Gloucestershire Council.

The application for the site at the junction of Cadbury Heath Road and Tower Road South has come from Cordage Estates. There is already a Costcutter corner shop including a post office, on the opposite side of the junction.

The store would employ 25 staff and open from 6am to 11pm every day. The proposals say the store would provide residents with a ‘top-up’ shopping service for a local walk-in catchment population and a limited amount of passing trade.

The land to be developed is deemed surplus to the operational requirements of the pub, which is locally listed, and the application says the capital receipt raised from the sale of the land would be reinvested back into the business.

Plans show a new access off Tower Road South to serve a new reconfigured car park for the pub and convenience store.

A single-storey extension would be demolished to make way for the enlarged parking area.

A total of eight car parking spaces are planned for the convenience store, including one disabled bay. Four cycle parking spaces are proposed close to the entrance for use by staff and customers. The rear of the car park would provide 16 car parking spaces for the public house, the same as is currently available.

Goods deliveries to both pub and store would be off-road using the area in front of the pub. It is proposed to remove the front porch of the pub to improve accessibility.

A transport statement as part of the application says that the store would result in a moderate increase in traffic to the site and that there has been just one injury collision recorded in the vicinity, “indicating that the local highway network does not have an accident problem”.

The planning reference is P21/03182/F.

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