Concern over lethal batch of recreational drugs circulating in Bristol

Senior public health and police officers have spoken out about their concerns about the introduction of dangerous high strength recreational drugs into Bristol that have sadly claimed the life of one young person and hospitalised several others in the past week.

Christina Gray, Director of Public Health at Bristol City Council, said today: “We’re becoming increasingly concerned about reports of a potentially lethal batch of drugs circulating in the city. It remains to be seen how widespread the issue is, however the recent hospitalisation of several people and the death of a young person suggests that this is not an isolated incident. 

“Whilst I advise everyone against the use of illegal substances I urge anyone who intends to do so to take extra care and be aware of your friends and the help available to you. We’ve all waited a long time for the weekends to return, please don’t make it your last.

“Help is available for anyone who needs it, be it immediate health support if you or a friend are in trouble or longer-term aid to overcome addiction. If you’re worried about someone or you need confidential advice, please get in touch with a local or national service as soon as possible.”

Bristol Commander Supt Mark Runacres said: “We’d urge people to follow the advice of health experts to make sure they do not put themselves at undue risk. Officers will again be out engaging with people across the weekend as part of our established night-time economy policing plans.

“Our aim is not to stop people having fun; our aim is to make sure people remain safe while they have a good time.”

Anyone in immediate danger or in need of urgent medial support should call 999.

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