Developers seek to build more homes after Kingswood appeal win

Developers Horizon Construction Bristol Ltd have won their appeal for permission in principle to build up to five homes on land next to Kingwood Rugby Club.

And now they are hoping to build even more, with an outline planning application currently lodged with South Gloucestershire Council for nine houses.

An inspector appointed by the Secretary of State backed Horizon, who were seeking to develop paddock land behind 58-68 Grimsbury Road.

A South Gloucestershire Council planning officer had recommended approval, but the development management committee had refused the application in March, saying it would lead to conflict between vehicles and pedestrians using the access lane and would be a cramped development. An appeal was then lodged.


There had been 20 objections to the plans. At the time local councillor Alison Evans said that multiple previous planning applications for the site had been refused and although planning for three detached houses had been approved back in 2017, it was at a time when the council was unable to demonstrate a five-year land supply of housing, which was not now the case. (The 2017 permission had lapsed.)


However, the inspector allowed the appeal for a minimum of four and maximum of five homes. He felt the site is suitable for residential development and said it was unclear why there would necessarily be a conflict between different users of this access.

In terms of concerns raised about land ownership, he said that is a separate civil matter between the respective landowners and not a planning matter for his consideration.

The latest application is for nine three-bedroom houses on land to the rear of Grimsbury Road and Baden Road in a “consolidated residential development”.

The application site has been enlarged from the smaller site to now encompass garden land previously associated with.9 Baden Road.

Access is still principally from Grimsbury Road, but this is now widened and opens up to the development site which sits between the rears of houses on Grimsbury Road and Baden Road. Kingswood Rugby Football Club/Grimsbury Road Playing Fields border the site to the north and east

The proposed townhouses are arranged as three pairs of semi-detached properties and a terrace of three, each with private rear gardens. The existing access lane would be realigned and improved/made to 4.8m wide, and connect Grimsbury Road to the courtyard parking areas situated to the east of the proposed houses. A total of 18 parking spaces are proposed.

The planning reference is P22/03189/O.