Second phone mast goes up next to Cadbury Heath shops

The new mast on the right

The controversial second phone mast that was approved on appeal on the pavement by the shops in Cadbury Heath has been put up this week.

School Road was still closed today as work at the site continued.

A planning inspector appointed by the Secretary of State allowed the appeal earlier this year for the 15-metre high 5G phone mast after South Gloucestershire Council rejected it, saying it would harm the area and that not enough information had been provided to show that no suitable alternative site was available.

The potential for anti-social behaviour was also flagged up by community leaders as there are already issues with young people sitting on top of cabinets by the existing mast.

Allowing CK Hutchison Networks’ appeal, the planning inspector ruled: “Given the separation between the proposed mast and the existing buildings in the area, together with the slender nature of the mast itself, the development would not result in unacceptable overbearing effects on nearby occupiers. Nor would it result in any unacceptable effect on the living conditions of occupiers by way of visual intrusion.

He also dismissed concern over the potential for unsociable behaviour:

Concerns had been raised locally about potential effects on health. However, a certificate had been provided to confirm that the proposal has been designed to comply with guidelines published by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.