Bikes and charity collection boxes stolen during break-in at Warmley Wheelers

There was a break-in at Warmley Wheelers on Wednesday when two specialist bikes and charity boxes were stolen.

The cycling scheme, which has a container next to the Bristol & Bath Railway Path, gives people with health conditions and supported needs the chance to ride.

Today Andy Underdown, project coordinator at Warmley Wheelers, said: “We are sad to say that early Wednesday morning, four youths broke into the main Warmley Wheelers container.

“They then proceeded to make off with the two horizontal tandem bikes which were subsequently damaged and abandoned. They also stole charity boxes, and our spare bike batteries. Over time these items can be fixed or replaced.

“The real tragedy is that this mindless act takes away the opportunity to the numerous people who enjoy the freedom these bikes provide. In addition some children from Warmley Park Special Education School missed out on their ride on the Wednesday morning as one of the volunteers was required to assist with the bike recovery and therefore not all the usual bikes could be taken across.

“The reaction of some of these youngsters when they realised that their bike was not available was heart-breaking.

“However, I can confirm there are many more good people than bad. We would like to send our thanks to the member of the public who posted on Facebook that he had seen one of the horizontal tandems abandoned near Staple Hill Tunnel.

“A massive thank you to both the guys at PJ McNama Ltd who fetched and stored that tandem on their site, and a big thank you to the kind lady from Chestnut Court who on discovering our other horizontal tandem near her house, rang the number on the frame and then stored it in her garage until we recovered it.

“Both bikes are now back with us and will be repaired over the coming weeks. We hope to have them back up and running in due course.”

If anyone has any information contact the police on 101, quoting the incident number AS-20211124-0194.

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