Labour’s Dan Norris becomes West of England Mayor, beating Tories by 40,093 votes

Dan Norris celebrates his win with his dog Angel

Labour’s Dan Norris has become the new Regional Mayor for the West of England, taking the role from the Conservatives.

Mr Norris, who was MP for Wansdyke from 1997 to 2010, was declared the winner after all votes in the election were counted today.

He won the most first and second preference votes with a total of 125,482. The Conservative candidate Samuel Williams got 85,389 votes.

Mr Norris had won the first round with 84,434 votes, a lead of 12,019 over Mr Williams who got 72,415.

In the first round the Greens’ Jerome Thomas was third with 54,919 votes and the Lib Dem candidate Stephen Williams trailed in fourth place with 41,193.

The total number of ballot papers verified was 256,632. The turnout was 36.61%, higher than the 2017 mayoral election when turnout was 29.72% (total electorate: 671,280).

The Regional Mayor leads the West of England Combined Authority and makes decisions on issues that impact people living and working across the region, including, transport, homes, business, jobs and the economy.

Conservative Tim Bowles, who had been elected in 2017 as the region’s first Metro Mayor, announced last November that he would be his retiring from politics.

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