Kingswood fire station closes for refurbishment with Speedwell now responding to 999 calls

Kingswood fire station has temporarily closed to enable refurbishment works to begin.

While the work is ongoing firefighters will respond to 999 calls from Speedwell fire station, two miles away.

In January Avon Fire & Rescue Service announced its Investing for the Future programme, which includes the amalgamation of Kingswood and Speedwell fire stations. The plans are part of a rationalisation of services and will contribute to budget savings needed by 2016/17.

Yesterday staff moved over to Speedwell, from where they will work until the building work is completed towards the end of this year. Crews will then move back to Kingswood and Speedwell fire station will close permanently, with all resources moved across.

Chief Fire Officer Kevin Pearson said: “I would like to reassure people living in the Kingswood area that they will see no changes to our response standards as we will continue to respond to all calls within eight minutes from Speedwell fire station during the works.

“Kingswood fire station was built in 1969 with everything designed and built in line with the needs of the time. Modern requirements have meant changes to equipment, procedures and appliances.

“When the newly refurbished Kingswood station opens it will accommodate more staff and more fire engines, including an aerial rescue pump. There will also be a community room which local groups can use free of charge for meetings and events.”