Keynsham grows an E for Winter Festival

That's K .. E .. Y ..

That’s K .. E .. Y ..

Horace Batchelor was always keen to let Radio Luxembourg listeners know the correct spelling of Keynsham, but it seems the organisers of this year’s Christmas fair weren’t listening.

Posters have gone up around the town announcing today’s Winter Festival in which the name seems to have grown an extra E. We are conscious of course of accusations that we may be living in a greenhouse and are guilty of the odd typo ourselves.  What fascinated us about this rather embarrassing gaffe was a press release received from the council just the day before, offering advice to event organisers in the area on the benefits of good planning.

Keynsham Town Council (who organise today’s event) are featured and the Deputy Town Clerk is quoted as saying: “Planning and producing a successful event is not a difficult task, if you follow a methodical process.

“Planning ahead is essential. For Keynsham Winter Festival, we start in June for an event in November and the Music Festival is planned a whole year in advance.”

Looks like they will have to start even earlier next year.