K2 – temporary closure of the site lasted a day

K2 Web childTaylor Wimpey has confirmed the temporary closure of the K2 site last week lasted all of 24 hours.  As we reported in Issue 267, the developer took the decision to review ‘management issues’  following discussions with B&NES Council, which we understand, was on the point of issuing an Enforcement Notice to halt work on the site. Now Taylor Wimpey has confirmed that the issues concerning dust, working hours and traffic management which had been causing so much concern for local residents, were all addressed in order for the site to reopen as normal on Monday morning (29th April).  A statement issued by the company today (Thursday 2nd May) read:

“Taylor Wimpey Bristol proactively took the decision to temporarily close its Keynsham development on Thursday night (25 April) in order to conduct a full review of the practices on site and to ensure all correct procedures were being followed. This action was not as the result of a council enforcement order. Following our review, and assurances from all suppliers, we were pleased to confirm that the correct procedures were being followed and the site reopened on Monday 29 April. Additionally, we have taken some further steps to minimise the disruption to residents surrounding the site:

Dust: The road sweeping contractor has been instructed to improve the dust control of their operations via increased spraying. The principal contractor is now also using a site towed sweeper brush with high capacity water sprinklers to control the dust.

Working hours: Taylor Wimpey direct employees will continue to check that agreed working hours are being strictly followed by all site workers.

Traffic management: We have employed a Traffic Controller who is located at the entrance to the site to manage traffic in and out. They will ensure the permitted hours are followed and will turn vehicles away outside the specified times. They will also ensure drivers leaving the site are informed about and use only the agreed exit route, providing all drivers with clear instructions. The temporary compound will be relocated to the permanent phase 1 location once the infrastructure (sewers, roads and services) are built to afford access and services to the permanent location. We would anticipate this being towards the end of the year.”

The engagement of a Traffic Controller will come as news to many residents of Park Road and Dunster Road, many of whom witnessed lorries entering and leaving the site last Monday, ignoring the agreed access or egress routes and delivery times.  In one instance and large low loader reversed out of the site entrance along Park Road without any supervision.  Later that day, school children were seen playing on plant and equipment within the site compound. Residents have expressed their frustration with B&NES Council over what they perceive to be a reluctance to take more severe action against Taylor Wimpey and we understand Council officials are planning to return to Keynsham tomorrow for further meetings.