HorseWorld Open Day this Saturday cancelled due to outbreak of Ringworm

Horseworld logoThe open day at Whitchurch based HorseWorld on Saturday 19th September has had to be cancelled.

It has been confirmed that recently rescued horses at are showing signs of the contagious fungal skin infection Ringworm. The condition is extremely complex and costly to treat. Every horse showing symptoms has to be bathed in a special shampoo and everything they have come into contact with has to be treated too, including spraying all of the fences in the 200 acre farm.

Stephen Poole, the Fundraising and Communications Manager at HorseWorld said:  “We are apologise to anyone who was planning on coming. This would have been one of the biggest fundraising events of the year and is a devastating blow for the charity.
“If you can support us, we are appealing for your help to cover the costs of treating this fungal infection please. We are approaching the winter rescue season when our resources will be stretched to the limit. Anything you can spare towards this cause (in the link below) will be very gratefully received.”
You can donate using the following link: