Fight to save landmark Keynsham tree

An 11th-hour attempt is under way to try to save a landmark tree in Keynsham from being chopped down.

Some local residents have contacted Bath & North East Somerset Council’s arboricultural team to try to get a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) placed on the old sycamore tree that stands at the front of the BUPA Dental Care practice in Park Road.

With the road due to be closed from 9am to 4pm on Saturday (21st November) for the tree work to be carried out, residents have contacted The Week In to highlight the impending loss of the mature tree.

One told us: “BUPA say that the tree is being cut down due to there being electricity wires running through it. These wires cause no problems at all to the electric supply. In most areas now the electricity wires run under the ground so there is no reason why this can’t happen.”

The dental practice, previously known as The Parks Dental Practice, was taken over earlier this year by BUPA, and major work is being carried out both inside and outside the building.

The residents who have heard about the work say they want the community to be able to have their say on the future of the old tree: “Far too many trees are being cut down to make way for housing, so trees like this one needs to be protected.”

We have raised the concerns of the residents with the council and dental surgery and await their response. We also spoke today to ward councillor Alan Hale who is trying to establish the situation. He told us: “The loss of any mature tree is sad, particularly in a residential area.”