Council leader ‘won’t be distracted by malicious campaign’

The next leader of Bath & North East Somerset Council has vowed not to be distracted from delivering his party’s promises to voters by personal attacks from anonymous sources.

Kevin Guy, who succeeded Dine Romero as leader of the Liberal Democrats group will be nominated to take over her role as council leader at next month’s annual meeting. Last week, The Week In published a story that questions were still being asked about his residential eligibility when he first stood for election to B&NES Council in 2019.

But Cllr Guy has hit back, stating that questions about his residency qualification in the district had already been dealt with and claiming the latest accusations are personal and malicious. He has also countered allegations that he still works for a further education college in the West Midlands.

Cllr Guy last week issued the following statement:

He said “These questions were completely cleared up two years ago to the full satisfaction of the electoral authorities and the police after I invited them to investigate the matter.  It is a sad fact of modern life that a few people feel free to libel innocent individuals by repeating the same lies while hiding behind false names.

“The simple fact is that I was eligible to stand for election and I remain the legitimate councillor for Bathavon North ward.

“I will not allow untrue and malicious attacks on me to distract the Liberal Democrats from delivering on our promises to the voters of B&NES.

“I have no idea who is behind this malicious campaign against me or why they are doing it. But whoever they are, they will not stop me from doing my job of representing the people who elected me and delivering on our manifesto.

“We will succeed in living up to our promises despite the massive damage that the Covid pandemic has done to the Council’s finances.  B&NES is in much better shape than most councils because the Liberal Democrats moved very quickly last summer to limit the effect of the pandemic and protect local services.”

The Week In article did not accuse Cllr Guy of electoral fraud although allegations of this nature have appeared on other ‘political’ websites. We did however report that there were still questions being asked despite B&NES Council’s investigation which concluded no rules had been broken.

The role of council leader should be open to full scrutiny and in the light of questions which were still being asked in the public domain, we asked two questions of the Liberal Democrat party on 9th and 10th April – these concerned his involvement with a college based in the Midlands and his current place of residence. Up to the point of publishing last week’s paper, we had received no response.

Since publication, we have had contact to the party and been given details of Cllr Guy’s place of residence between 2018 and today. In respect of his work at Halesowen College, he told us he has not physically worked at the college since November 2019 and his official leaving date was May 2020. He also stated that he currently had “zero connection” with the college.

The Week In has also been shown Cllr Guy’s P45 which confirms the leaving date.