Campaign to stop speeding in Lyde Green

A petition has been launched calling for urgent action to tackle the problem of speeding in Lyde Green where roads have a 20mph speed limit.

Sadik Al-Hassan, Deputy Mayor of Emersons Green Town Council, which covers Lyde Green, has set up the petition on the website. It is addressed to the highways authority South Gloucestershire Council and also to local MP Chris Skidmore. So far it has been signed by some 240 people.

Mr Al-Hassan says: “The community of Lyde Green has been plagued by speeding on its poorly designed roads.

“Every attempt to date to solve this has failed and with the primary school and nursery now at Lyde Green, there is increased risk of harm from speeding. This problem needs to be solved before someone gets hurt.

“I believe the only solution is to create an average speed check net across Lyde Green. Having automatic number plate recognition cameras on entrances, exits and points throughout the estate will allow us to monitor speeds, monitor traffic volume through the estate, make sure commercial vehicles are using the correct entrances and monitor any construction traffic. This should be done as a matter of urgency.”

Willowherb Road, pictured above and left,  is the main route though Lyde Green, going past the community centre, primary and nursery schools and the Sainsbury’s Local store. Comments on the petition include: “The speed of vehicles going past the community centre and the school is getting ridiculous. We also need a crossing for school children before someone gets hurt or worse.”

A resident of the road writes: “Speed on Willowherb Road is generally 30-40mph with the occasional 50+.”

Another says: “The speeds I see on a daily basis are both frightening and breathtaking in equal measure.”

Search on the website for ‘Stop Speeding in Lyde Green.’