£30m improvements revealed for five Ring Road junctions

Plans for £30m of improvements to five junctions on the A4174 Ring Road between Lyde Green and Longwell Green have been revealed.

The five junctions are Lyde Green Roundabout, the Rosary Roundabout (also known as the Emersons Green Roundabout), Siston Hill Roundabout, Deanery Road Roundabout at Warmley and Kingsfield Roundabout at Longwell Green.

There are plans to turn Siston Hill, Deanery Road and Kingsfield roundabouts into throughabouts. The council says that tests have shown that the Lyde Green and Rosary roundabouts would benefit from remaining as signal-controlled. South Gloucestershire Council says the work is subject to receiving funding from the Department for Transport.

The public consultation which begins this week will support the development of a full business case which will be submitted to the Government for funding to deliver the scheme.

The A4174 is a key transport corridor in South Gloucestershire, providing a link between the A4 and Bath to the south, and the M32 and the M4 to the north, serving as a strategic route to avoid travelling through urban Bristol. It also provides access to local residential and employment areas.

The council says the scheme aims to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions through relieving delays and congestion on the A4174 between the Lyde Green and Kingsfield roundabouts.
  • Minimise the impact of traffic / infrastructure to the natural environment and, where possible, improve the environment.
  • Improve access to the North East Bristol fringe to help open up business opportunities.
  • Protect and enhance access for non-car users.
  • Improve traffic safety.
  • Improve road network resilience and journey time reliability.

The Kingsfield Roundabout

The scheme aims to improve the capacity of some junctions along the A4174 by widening sections of road, making extensive changes to the layout of some junctions; and expanding traffic signal control to locations that currently have no traffic lights. It will also aim to improve connections for walking and cycling, as well as helping the flow of public transport.

The consultation has started this week, with letters being sent out to people living nearby, and runs until 16th August. To find out more and share your feedback visit www.consultations.southglos.gov.uk/A4174improvements

Paper copies of the response form are available at Kingswood One Stop Shop. You can also ask for a printed one or an alternative format by calling 01454 868000.

There will also be ‘virtual space events’ with the project team on hand to answer any questions via a live chat function on Wednesday 23rd June between 8.30am and 7pm and on Thursday 1st July from 8.30am to 7pm.

For people who would prefer face-to-face events, there will be one on Wednesday 30th June from 5pm to 8pm at Warmley Community Centre, and another at Emersons Green Village Hall on Saturday 10th July between 1pm and 5.30pm.

The scheme is part of a wider package of improvements to ring road junctions proposed in the draft Joint Local Transport Plan 4 (2019 – 2036) for the West of England

Meanwhile work continues on convert the Wraxall Road Roundabout at Warmley (also known as the Woodstock Roundabout) which into a fully signal controlled ‘throughabout’, a roundabout with straight ahead traffic lanes running through the centre.

It will be the first of its kind in South Gloucestershire. The 13-month project started last August and aims to help reduce congestion and cope with the predicted increased traffic flows on the ring road in the future. It also aims to reduce the number of collisions at the roundabout amd improve safety for all road users, as well as improving air quality and reducing congestion on the approaches.

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