20 mph speed limit imposed on Marshfield Lane and Brewery Hill

Marshfield Lane, scene of Monday's accident now has a 20 mph restriction.

Marshfield Lane, scene of Monday’s accident now has a 20 mph restriction.

South Gloucestershire Council has responded to calls from local residents and councillors by imposing a temporary 20 mph speed restriction on parts of the road network around Bitton and Upton Cheyney.

This follows concerns over the increase in traffic using the lanes as a consequence of the road closure on the A431 Bitton to Bath road. Matters reached a head on Monday following a collision between a car and the horse in Marshfield Lane in which the horse had to be destroyed.

The speed restrictions come into force for 3 weeks from today (Friday 28th March) and apply on Brewery Hill, 320 metres north of the A431 as far as Wick Lane and on Marshfield Lane as far as Bath Road, Cold Ashton.