1,000 people turned away from rave in Warmley

Police say that multiple unlicensed music events were prevented and several large gatherings were disrupted across the force area over the weekend, including a rave in Warmley.

The unlicensed music event was about to take place in an industrial unit when the police turned up and prevented approximately 1,000 people from entering the building.

Officers also seized a vehicle and sound equipment.

Several incidents in the St Pauls and Montpelier area of Bristol were also prevented or disrupted over the weekend.

A significant plan had been put in place to ensure the police were able to respond quickly to emerging issues and crimes as bars and restaurants opened for the first time in more than three months. As expected, demand for their services did increase but there were no significant incidents of disorder.

Today Superintendent Mark Edgington said: “We worked tirelessly during the past week and throughout the weekend with our local authority partners and local businesses to ensure people were able to enjoy their first night out in months safely.

“The vast majority of people behaved responsibly and we’d like to thank them for ensuring the re-opening of the night-time economy did not lead to any significant incidents.

“As part of the proactive policing operation we had in place officers engaged with anyone involved in a gathering to remind them of their responsibility to control the spread of COVID-19.

“Most people officers spoke to were very respectful and brought an end to their activities or decided against going ahead with them and they deserve credit for complying with our requests.

“In one instance, when it was suspected a rave was about to take place, officers did have to seize equipment to prevent it from happening. I’d like to thank the member of public who called us about this incident – without their call the incident could have led to significant disruption to the local community and to multiple arrests.”

He added: “The ongoing public health crisis undoubtedly continues to frustrate many people but we’re extremely grateful for the support shown to us this weekend – it greatly helped us minimise disruption and keep people safe.”