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For the last 12 years The Week In has produced news from your local community, during which time it have strived for honesty and accuracy in its reporting.

For almost all of that time, The Week In has been free of charge, thanks to the support of local businesses who also have seen the benefits of advertising in such a trusted media voice. While The Week In has been shielded to some extent from problems facing much of the newsprint industry, recent events have highlighted the dangers of relying solely on advertising as a source of revenue.

Since its inception in 2008, the business has been driven by its sole owner and editor, Stephen Rodgers. Now, it is time to address the future sustainability of The Week In in such a way as it can continue to serve the local community and thrive beyond the input of one person. The answer is to become a society which involves the community that it serves.

The Week In Community Ltd is now a Community Benefit Society under the Cooperative and Community Benefits Act 2014, meaning it is owned, not by a proprietor or investors but by its members. With a minimum subscription of just £36 per year (£3per month) you can become a member and single shareholder in the Society.

This will not only allow a vote on the composition of the management board but also the opportunity to have a say in how the Society is run or what stories The Week In should be covering by attending the regular meetings and forums which take place throughout the year.

The Week In has made a small profit in each of the last 12 years. Surpluses created by the Community Benefit Society will not be shared by directors or shareholders but returned to the community. That means The Week In will be able to support other local community groups, ones which regularly feature in its pages, to achieve their own ambitions – and you will have a say in where those funds are distributed.

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