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The Week In Community

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The Week In newspaper and website is now published by a community benefit society The Week In Community Ltd.

This means it is no longer owned by individual shareholders but by the members of the society. The reason for the change after 12 years successful and profitable publishing of an independent weekly, was to secure a sustainable future.

Since The Week In began in 2008, the world of news media has changed significantly. The way people consume news evolved and this has had a knock-on effect, particularly on print media. National titles have seen sales evaporate and several regional newspapers have simply disappeared.

Ironically, this has actually had a positive impact on genuinely local publications which are the only sector to have witnessed any growth in recent years. But against a backdrop of these changing media trends it was felt that for The Week In to survive and thrive in the future, a change in its business structure was necessary.

So now, The Week In Community belongs to the members of the society. Profits are no longer retained by the shareholders but used for community projects decided by those members. Each member has one equal share and one vote in the society in return for paying an annual membership fee.

Membership fees are an additional form of income for The Week In Community to add to revenue which is, and always has been generated through advertising in the newspaper, the website and shortly, the news app.

The Week In Community is also able to innovate with community based projects which can often qualify for external grant funding. One, example which has recently launched involves members of the community more closely in the production of the weekly newspaper while giving them future employment skills at the same time.

The Week In has for many years been the voice of the community in large parts of East Bristol and North East Somerset. It praises achievement and holds authority to account. These are key qualities in a community that feels engaged and good about itself and by involving local people more closely in the success of The Week In, we can ensure the community continues to have a voice for the future.

Membership of The Week In Community costs £36.00 per year. To join simply click the Subscribe Now button at the foot of this page.