Concerns over ongoing speeding in Lyde Green

A year after a petition was launched calling for urgent action to tackle the problem of speeding in Lyde Green, the organiser says nothing has really changed.

Emersons Green town councillor Sadik Al-Hassan set up the petition, which he addressed to the highways authority South Gloucestershire Council and local MP Chris Skidmore, on the website.

The petition highlights the “poorly designed roads” on the new estate, with Mr Al-Hassan saying: “I believe the only solution is to create an average speed check net across Lyde Green: Having automatic number plate recognition cameras on entrances, exits and points throughout the estate will allow us to monitor speeds, monitor traffic volume through the estate, make sure commercial vehicles are using the correct entrances and monitor any construction traffic. This should be done as a matter of urgency.”

Now writing on the petition page, Mr Al-Hassan says the risks to residents and the primary school and nursery on Willowherb Road have still not been solved: “Please share this petition as I believe supporters here are the only way to further this conversation and lead us to a solution.”

This week a spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council told us: “We have carried out monitoring within the Lyde Green development and the average speeds recorded were between 18-25 mph.

“As the legal speed limit in the area is 20mph, we have reported this to the police who have been undertaking enforcement action, and we remind motorists that they must drive responsibly and not exceed the speed limit in place.

“As the roads in Lyde Green have yet to be formally adopted as part of the wider highway network, any traffic calming measures would need to implemented by the developer.

“We continue to work with the developer to explore practical solutions to reduce speeds within Lyde Green.”

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