Concerns raised over safety at zebra crossing in Kingswood

Safety concerns have been raised at a public meeting about the zebra crossing outside New Cheltenham Community Centre in Kingswood.

Two local residents highlighted the dangers they have encountered while using the crossing on New Cheltenham Road and there are fears that there is a serious accident waiting to happen.

One person who regularly crosses the road with three children said she was “horrified” by the number of occasions when drivers have failed to stop and even sometimes appear to speed up on their approach to the crossing.

Cllr April Begley told the Kingswood Community Engagement Forum that there are two other roads that turn onto New Cheltenham Road close to the crossing: “Once they have turned the corner or accelerated to go out, they are on the zebra crossing immediately and that is one of the issues that must be of concern to people.”

Cllr Andrea Reid said she would raise the road safety concerns with the appropriate team at South Gloucestershire Council.

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