Row leads to resignations at Keynsham Foodbank

Alan Hale

There has been a string of resignations at Keynsham Foodbank, including chairman and project manager Alan Hale who set it up nine years ago.

Keynsham Foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust. Mr Hale said yesterday: “We have recently had a change of leadership within the trustees and the style is alien to what has been used to great effect with volunteers happy and successfully for nine years.

“As a result, some members of the management group held a meeting out of which came a motion of no confidence in the trustees. However, the trustees collectively declined the request to resign and in consequence I felt that I had to resign, albeit with a heavy heart.”

Mr Hale said his deputy Lesley Organ had also resigned along with two new trustees and two managers at the foodbank warehouse, as well as the distribution centre manager and her deputy, the health and safety manager, plus two other volunteers.

Mr Hale added that in the crossover of emails, members of the management committee received emails from the chair of the trustees sacking them.

Last  night the chair of the trustees Gwen Edwards told The Week In: “The board of trustees at Keynsham Foodbank sadly confirm that a small number of volunteers have resigned from the team. We thank them for their significant contribution to the work of the charity over many years, in supporting those in need in our community.

“We continue to ensure food is available to people in need – please do not stop asking for our help, we are here for you.

“If you need help from Keynsham Foodbank, please continue to contact the network of professionals that issue eVouchers, for example local Citizens Advice and the B&NES Welfare Support Team on 01225 477277, as well as GPs, nurses, health visitors, social workers, and church ministers plus many more who are able to issue eVouchers.

“The Keynsham Foodbank team thank the local community and volunteers for their ongoing support of the work we do.”

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