First changes Keynsham bus diversions

First have amended the diversion routes for  bus services in Keynsham which are affected by the closure of the Ashton Way and Rock Road junction.

The 17, 39 and 178 services heading towards Bristol were originally being diverted through Albert Road, Queens Road and Charlton Park but will now turn back on themselves and use the Keynsham bypass. Buses have been experiencing difficulty in using the original diversion route particularly on Charlton Park where car drivers have been ignoring the temporary one-way system and parking on both sides of the road. The situation was further compounded on Friday (25th March) when three-way temporary traffic lights were in operation on at the junction of Charlton Road, West View Road and Culvers Road.

The 17, which starts and ends in Keynsham will no longer complete the loop around residential streets in the south of the town but will only operate as far as Station Road (alongside St John’s Church). It will then depart in the direction of Willsbridge  using the roundabout.

The 39 bus, instead of leaving the Broadmead Lane roundabout on Bath Road towards Keynsham, will now continue along the bypass to Hicks Gate and then turn left to the town centre. It will then turn around at the Keynsham Church roundabout and resume its journey.

Similarly, the 178 coming down the Wellsway will turn right at the New Inn roundabout and head out along Bath Road to the bypass before following a similar route to the 39 above.

Bus services in the direction of Bath are unaffected and will use the new bus stop on the High Street (except for the 17 which will terminate at Station Road.) The 349 will operate as usual. According to the latest information posted on the A4 AirDecker website, airport -bound buses will continue to use the diversion route around south Keynsham to pick up the route opposite St John’s Church.