Bank wins approval for pavement sign in Keynsham Conservation Area

TSB’s plans for new signage including an A-board outside the branch in the Keynsham Conservation Area have been approved by Bath & North East Somerset Council.

Keynsham Town Council, which is planning to work on a project with B&NES to declutter the High Street of unnecessary signage, had flagged up concerns including the use of an A-board in the conservation area and in a location where the pavement is narrow.

B&NES Council said that through negotiation, the scheme had been amended so there would be no increase in the number of adverts being displayed and the illuminance levels would be less than the existing signs.

B&NES said that guidance for the conservation area says that freestanding A-boards can cause obstruction to pavement users and notes that there is a proliferation of such signage in the town: “However, it is recognised that due to the wide street layout, many retail and catering premises are not easily seen by the passer-by. The council’s policy is that one A-board will be allowed for each business, provided it does not impinge on access or use of the pavement and relates to signposting the business.”

In this case the proposed A-board would still leave a width of 1.5 metres for people using this section of pavement, said the council.

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