Advertising in The Week In for Bristol & NE Somerset

We offer four different types of advert opportunity within the paper:

  • Run of paper – priced per column/centimetre
  • Large display adverts – special rates for full and half page adverts
  • Front cover adverts – high impact pre-set sized adverts
  • Directory – the popular choice for local tradespeople


Run of paper

Cost per single column centimetre = £4.20
To calculate the price of your advert take the depth in centimetres by the number of columns wide by £4. Some examples are shown below:

Sizes Cost
A 5 cm x 1 col advert £21
A 6cm x 2 col advert £50.40
A 10cm x 3 col advert £126

Series Discounts:
If you place adverts for more than 1 week, you can then apply the following series discounts

Weeks Cost
2 weeks 10%
6 weeks 20%
12 weeks 30%
26 weeks 35%
52 weeks 40%

It is not necessary to book consecutive weeks in order to qualify for the discount. Alternate weeks, monthly or specified dates are all possible and the total number of weeks booked will dictate the discount.

Large display adverts

Large savings on the single column centimetre rate are available for full and half page display adverts. The one-off rates are:

Page Type Cost
Full page £345
1/2 page £190

Series discounts
The same discounts set out above for run of paper advertising apply to full and half page adverts.

Weeks Cost
2 weeks 10%
6 weeks 20%
12 weeks 30%
26 weeks 35%
52 weeks 40%

Front cover adverts

There are three different front cover advert sizes:

Size Type Cost
5cm x 1 col £40
6cm x 2 col £85
13cm x 2 col £145

Series discounts
There are no series discounts on front cover bookings.


We know that readers keep copies of the paper and refer to it when they need a service or tradesperson.
The Directory consists entirely of single column width adverts starting at 5cm deep. The single column centimetre rate is £4 (for colour or mono).

Sizes Cost
5cm directory advert £21
7cm directory advert £29.40

Series Discounts:
The following rates apply for series adverts

Weeks 5cm       7cm
4 weeks £17.85  £24.99
8 weeks £15.75  £22.05
26 weeks £13.65  £19.11
52 weeks £12.60  £17.64




Technical data

Items Specification
Page size Tabloid
Print area 330mm d x 265m w
Column widths
1 col 40mm
2 col 85mm
3 col 130mm
4 col 175mm
5 col 220mm
Large display advert sizes
Full page 330mm x 265mm
½ page landscape 160mm x 265mm
½ page portrait 330mm x 130mm

Deadlines and dates
Publication day is Wednesday each week
Copy deadline
Friday 4pm of the preceding week
Hi-resolution (300 dpi) PDF sent by e-mail or file exchange to
EPS/TIFF/JPEG are also accepted.

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