Plastics and litter protest at Keynsham fast food stores

Campaigners at a previous protest at Asda

Keynsham Plastic Re-Action and the Keynsham Wombles are holding a plastics and litter protest at KFC and Domino’s Pizza this Friday (15th November).

Keynsham Plastic Re-Action has previously put pressure on supermarkets to reduce the amount of plastic their products are packaged in. Campaigners have shopped in local stores and then removed plastic from their purchases, leaving it in the trollies.

The environmental campaign group say that as part of their efforts to highlight and reduce the causes of litter they have teamed up with Keynsham Wombles to organise Friday’s protest at KFC and Domino’s Pizza from 5pm to 6.30pm.

They say: “The hours that Keynsham and Saltford Wombles spend picking up their litter annually has been calculated and we will be presenting them with an invoice for this work supporting their business as a publicity stunt. And we will focus on the usual aspect of single use plastic through leafletting.

“Of course we are not picking solely on KFC and Domino’s and will be protesting at other takeaway stores in the future. Please do come and join us if this is something you feel strongly about.”

Keynsham Plastic Re-Action have previously targeted supermarkets in Keynsham and Asda at Longwell Green.

To find out more about the group check out their Facebook page.