New political party fielding candidate in Kingswood – but Monster Raving Loony hopeful pulls out

vapersA new party which aims to represent people who have ditched cigarettes and taken up electronic smoking is fielding a candidate in Kingswood at the General Election.

The list of all candidates standing was published yesterday and includes teacher Liam Bryan, from Cock Road in Kingswood, who is representing the one-issue party Vapers In Power.

The party does not accept that e-cigs should be classified as either tobacco or medicinal products because they do not fall into either category. Instead they want them regulated as a general consumer product.

Liam Bryan, who is standing in Kingswood

Liam Bryan, who is standing in Kingswood

The party’s website says: “It’s not just families vaping helps, the entire nation benefits. Billions of pounds can be saved by avoiding treatment of preventable illness, by increased productivity from workers not taking time off sick, tax not being evaded by multinational tobacco corporations, customs officers freed from chasing down illicit cigarette imports and more.

“Governments spend fortunes to achieve such a yield yet vaping gives it to them on a plate. They can help people to live longer and balance the nation’s books better simply by doing nothing – by letting vaping grow the way it has done in recent years to replace smoking altogether in a few more.”

The party’s only other candidate, 19-year-old Billy Marsden, is standing in Barnsley East. He works in an e-cigarette shop.

Meanwhile Staple Hill man Eric Mutch, who had intended to stand in Kingswood for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, told us today that he wasn’t standing for several reasons, including lack of planning, which meant he secured the finance late and then did not have time to get the 10 nominations he needed.

Eric Mutch

Eric Mutch

He says he will now support independent candidate, Russell Higgs, who is standing in Hackney South & Shoreditch to promote unconditional basic income.

Mr Mutch’s own policies had included paying every UK adult citizen aged 16 and over £11,375 a year in tax-free unconditional basic income and every child £2,650 a year. He had also wanted to see cutting MPs’ pay cut in half and their expenses abolished.

Mr Mutch also told us he would be voting Green at the election.