Downend Post Office worker jailed for theft

Mohammed Ahmed

Mohammed Ahmed

A man has been jailed for stealing from six elderly customers at the Post Office in Quakers Road in Downend where he worked.

Mohammed Ahmed, 32, of Easton, was jailed for 48 weeks by North Avon magistrates on Monday after admitting three counts of theft. He asked for another three theft offences to be taken into consideration.

The magistrates sentenced him to three prison terms of 16 weeks, to be served consecutively.

Ahmed was arrested in June last year and charged in October for offences which took place between October and December 2011 and between March and April 2013.

DC Celia White said: “This case has put a lot of stress onto six very elderly and vulnerable people who used this franchised branch of the Post Office as a trusted way of managing their money locally.

“At the time the youngest victim in the case was 85 and the oldest was 93. When they withdrew cash using the Post Office counter the defendant withdrew extra amounts ranging from £20 to £150.”