Big police presence in Keynsham tonight as gangs gather on the streets

gangsThere have been large numbers of police on the streets of Keynsham tonight to prevent trouble as scores of young people congregated in the town centre.

Police had been expecting a busy shift with rival groups making it known they would be out in force and spoiling for a fight on the night of the town’s annual firework festival.

There has been a spate of anti-social behaviour in Keynsham in recent weeks, including in the Memorial Park, and earlier today police designated the park a ‘Dispersal Zone’ for 24 hours., warning people who stay in the park after being asked to leave are likely to be arrested.

Police, some with video equipment, were monitoring a very large group which had congregated in St John’s Churchyard, while officers were also outside Keynsham Civic Centre where more young people were gathered in large numbers.

keynsham trouble 096Around 9.30pm police herded a large number of youths out of town towards Willsbridge, blocking off Avon Mill Lane, see picture, to stop them going along there.