Six cars destroyed in inferno at Longwell Green

Six cars went up in flajessica webb firefire at longwell green 045mes at the Gallagher Retail Park in Longwell Green this afternoon.
Some of the fuel tanks exploded and witnesses reported seeing flames shooting at least 20ft high.
Two fire engines tackled the fire and nearby shops were evacuated for a time. No one was injured although it is understood that ambulance staff attended and treated a woman for shock..
It is understood that an electrical fault in one of the vehicles sparked the fire.
One of the six cars written off in the blaze was a Nissan Micra owned by Jennifer Barritt, from Crews Hole.
She told The Week in that she emerged from M&S to see cars on fire and as she got closer realised that one of them was hers.
Jennifer, pictured above right, was philosophical, saying: “It’s no one’s fault. At least no one was hurt and it is only a lump of metal.
“What is annoying though is that I only got it MoT’d on Monday and that cost me £100.”
The vehicles were parked near the Outfit store. Two have already been removed by recovery vehicles tonight.

fire at longwell green 024

fire at longwell green 034

Cars on fire picture: Jessica Webb
Other pictures: Becky Feather