Saltford speed calming sign relocated after residents’ pleas

Following concerns raised by residents about speeding vehicles entering Saltford, the vehicle activated speed calming sign from has been relocated from near the parade of shops to the bottom of the hill on the A4 Bath Road.

It is now near The Glen, close to where the speed limit drops from 50mph to 30mph. The vehicle activated sign (VAS) activates and displays a reminder of ‘30mph’ to drivers if they are going over the legal limit.

The relocation last Thursday is part of a series of road safety actions between the parish council and Duncan Hounsell, who represents Saltford on B&NES Council.

Other efforts include requesting improved pedestrian crossing opportunities, especially for more vulnerable users. Cllr Hounsell and Saltford Parish Council have also successfully requested maintenance work to sunken metal road covers, both in the interests of safety as well as noise reduction for people living nearby.

Cllr Hounsell, who as well as being Saltford ward councillor sits on the parish council, stated: “I am delighted that the speed calming sign is now moved to a more appropriate location on the A4 in Saltford.

“This another example of the parish council and B&NES Council working collaboratively to improve people’s lives. Our thanks to local residents who have highlighted the need for this safety measure over a long time.”