Residents lose sleep over night-time railway works in Keynsham

keynsham station 2Residents living up to a mile and half from Keynsham Station have been having sleepless nights because of noisy railway works.

On the Keynsham Streetlife website a resident wrote yesterday: “I’m in Longmeadow Road and could hear it in the distance around 2am. Sounded like they were pile driving. I hate to think how bad it was for residents living closer to the work.”

Another said: “I’m on Rock Road and it woke me up at 3.30am early hours of Wednesday and 1.30am in the early hours of this morning (Thursday). I described it as a sledge hammer.”

A resident of St Ladoc Road said they heard it on Tuesday and Wednesday “and it sounded like next door”.

Network Rail has received several complaints and told The Week In: “The piling work is an important part of Network Rail’s railway upgrade plan to provide a bigger, better, more reliable railway for passengers.

“Unfortunately this can be quite noisy as we install the equipment needed for electrification. However, we take great consideration for our lineside neighbours when these works are taking place. A notification letter was sent to all residents within 250 metres of these works.

“The general dates were covered by this letter, and we advised residents to check our dedicated web page on a regular basis so they are aware of the exact dates that piling will take place in advance.

“However, the noise seems to be travelling further than we anticipated due to the open space and topography of the area. We will look to improve our communications with lineside neighbours accordingly to ensure that everyone affected is aware of when these essential works will take place.

“Due to the unpredictability of ground conditions, it’s not possible for us to put a definitive timescale on piling works well in advance of the date for works to be carried out. This work has to take place during the night as we are contractually obliged to work at times that have the least impact on passenger services, and because we must ensure the safety of our workforce.”

Residents have been reassured that there are only a couple of shifts left that will require the piling hammer.

Network Rail has a 24/7 helpline – 03457 11 41 41.