Poppy gets crafty to cheer up the elderly


A five-year-old girl is spending much of her time creating 48 personalised craft cards, one for each of the residents at Saffron Gardens Care Home in Whitehall.

Poppy became aware that relatives and friends of residents at the care home were having to limit contact and wanted to do something to cheer everybody up.

She aims to create six cards a day using materials her parents purchased for her when she told them her plan, and the hope is they can all be delivered to the home and distributed.

Francis De Villa, manager of the home, which is run by Brunelcare, said: “We have over 48 residents on the wings at Saffron Gardens, so Poppy is going to be hard at work but it’ll really put a smile on their faces. We want to say thank you to Poppy, this will mean so much to the residents.”

Poppy’s mum, Sophie said: “I’m so incredibly proud of her. She’s very in tune to the bad news in the press at the moment and how this is affecting older people.

“She asked if she could draw some pretty pictures and letters to cheer them up, so we went out and bought lots of supplies.”