Man arrested in Hanham and stolen property worth £200k seized

Police say they are working hard to establish the rightful owners of suspected stolen bicycles and other goods worth a total estimated value of around £200,000 after a raid in Hanham last night.

Officers attended an address in The Glen and arrested a man on suspicion of handling stolen goods. They seized around 100 bike frames and parts along with power tools and other items.

Police are documenting the recovered items and checking them against police records to identify the original owners.

You can make it harder for thieves to steal your bikes and easier for police officers to identify property as stolen.

Where possible, securely store your bicycles in your home. If this isn’t possible, ensure they are kept in a secure outbuilding such as an alarmed and locked shed or garage.

Always lock your bicycles to something immovable like a wall, the floor or a railing.

Double lock your bikes using two quality lock.

Get your bikes and tools security marked and registered at and

Record the details of your bicycles and tools including noting the frame or serial number and take photos including any distinctive marks.