Keynsham restaurant remains closed after flash flood

farrells floodedflooded kitchenThe clear-up after Monday’s flash flooding continues for one Keynsham business.

Farrells in Temple Street was forced to close when water poured in to the restaurant, and it could be some weeks before it is able to reopen.

Farrells’ website says: “Due to the horrendous storms we had on Monday afternoon, the restaurant was flooded badly, ruining the oak floor in the restaurant and severely damaging the kitchen area.

“We are working at full steam to assess the damage and renewal works will commence over the coming weeks.  We apologise to all our customers and we look forward to welcoming you all back very soon.”

Farrells posted these pictures of the flooded restaurant on Twitter.

Flooding also affected other shops along Temple Street, but none as badly as the restaurant.

Floodwater in the electrics also temporarily closed the newly refurbished Oxfam shop in Keynsham High Street after Monday’s heavy storms but it has since reopened.