Keynsham drug dealer hit with £215k confiscation order

brianA 50-year-old Keynsham drug dealer involved in the supply of cocaine has today been ordered to pay a confiscation order for more than £215,000.

Brian Barrett, pictured, of Ashcroft Avenue, was previously convicted of conspiracy to supply cocaine and jailed for 10 years.

He was arrested on 12th April 2011 at his home where a search revealed £10,000 in a safe, watches and also cocaine cutting agents and cannabis. He was subsequently charged on 7th June 7 that year with conspiracy to supply cocaine and money-laundering.

Investigators demonstrated that Barrett had links to quantities of cocaine, which has been recovered with a street value of between £81,000 and £101,000. He denied the offences but was found guilty on 3rd August 2012 of conspiracy to supply cocaine. He was jailed for 10 years on 23 August the same year.

At the confiscation hearing today the court demonstrated the benefit of crime to be £302,861.63 and imposed a confiscation order of £215,809.37. The available amount/confiscation includes £67,000 in cash, the sale of a motor caravan (valued at £30,000, the sale of a Crownline speedboat (worth £9,800) and half the equity in his property (£80,000) plus £20,000 in his restrained bank accounts.

This will have to be paid within six months. Failure to pay will result in a default prison sentence of two years, nine months, and the original order will still have to be paid.

Dr Kirstie Cogram, the manager of the Financial Investigation Unit for Avon and Somerset police, said: “We are committed to seizing any assets that criminals have gained as a result of crime. It is not acceptable that criminals benefit from illegal activities and we will relentlessly pursue them through the courts to ensure their money is taken. By doing this we show criminals that they will not benefit from crime and hopefully deter others from entering a life of crime.”