Fears for another historic Kingswood pub

Pub campaigners are urging local people to set in and help save a Kingswood inn which they fear is at risk of being lost.

Until fairly recently The Old Flowerpot Inn on Kingswood High Street, which was popular with local Bristol Rovers football supporters, was run by ex-Rovers defender Graham Day.

However, in early 2019 the pub, which is part of the Wellington Pub Company, closed without warning and since then it has remained closed and boarded up.

CAMRA Bristol Pubs Group say the loss is yet another blow for local pub users following the closure of The Highwayman, Tennis Court Inn, Anchor Made Forever and The Shant, and it reduces the choice for those customers wanting to visit traditional style pubs.

They say that 21 South Gloucestershire Council taxpayers can nominate the pub as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) to save it from any potential threat of permanent closure.

ACV status means that if the owner of the property wants to sell it, this cannot be done secretly as the local community has to be given the right to make a bid for the property and has a period of up to six months to do so.

Bristol Pubs Group will be meeting on Thursday 5th March at 7pm at the Robin Hood at St Michael’s Hill in Bristol and encourage former Old Flowerpot regulars and other interested parties to contact them by email bristolpubsgroup@yahoo.co.uk