Don’t travel – more snow’s on the way

Police helping to clear snow and grit the main road to Kingswood

Police are urging people not to use the roads today as conditions are still dangerous. More snow is forecast this morning and there is the potential for much heavier snow in the afternoon with strong winds creating blizzard conditions.

No FirstĀ buses were running this morning and at lunchtime the company said: “We have assessed the main routes and it’s still too dangerous. Many roads, bus stops, pavements, bus stationsĀ and our own bus depots are still affected by adverse conditions. Around 7pm we will give an update on Saturday services.”

There were reports last night of vehicles stuck for hours on the A4 at Saltford and of local people coming out to help.

Motorist Tegan Groombridge said on Twitter: “To the people in Saltford, you are heroes. Clearing the hill, pushing cars and checking on people. I waited three hours in traffic and I’m sure I would still be waiting if not for you.”

And Fiona Bird said: “I only got home tonight because of the lovely people in Saltford who had come out of their homes to clear snow and push cars on the hill, direct traffic and hand out cups of tea.”

South Glos Council says teams have been ploughing gritting all night and B&NES Council says gritters worked 19 hours back to back and all A and B roads are passable with care, although minor roads are very difficult and urges people to stay at home if possible.

In Kingswood yesterday the neighbourhood team helped out by shovelling snow and spreading grit on Hill Street.

Bristol City Council says all priority routes will be gritted but urges people to drive carefully.