Changes to Keynsham Tesco entrance from next week

Keynsham supermarket worksWhile work to implement the new one-way traffic system around Keynsham town centre is still progressing, the revised traffic flow has resulted in a change to the layout to the junction of Charlton Road and the Tesco Car Park (adjacent to the Royal British Legion).

Work will take place over the Bank Holiday weekend so that from Tuesday 2nd May the junction will be ‘left in/left out’ only. Vehicles leaving Tesco will have to turn left onto Charlton Road and only cars coming down Charlton Road or from Ashton Way will be able to enter.

The installation of a traffic controlled pedestrian crossing close to the junction has caused some confusion for motorists and traffic trying to turn right to enter the car park or on leaving it have been impeding the traffic flow.

Keynsham High Street will also be closed to all traffic over the Bank Holiday weekend to allow for completion of the necessary highways work.